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R.I.S.E. (Re-Integration to Support Empowerment) is a culturally sensitive organization focused on disrupting and reducing violence and trauma caused by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Through trauma informed care practices R.I.S.E. seeks to provide an opportunity of hope for Battle Creek area youth and families to ‘rise up’ from despair and restore relationships with communities, systems and people.
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RISE High School Recovery Program, targets youth and adults who has experienced ACE’s and/or trauma and as a result are struggling in traditional school settings. In education truancy, delinquency and behavior problems are often viewed and treated as a form of misconduct without identifying the underlying reason for the behavior. RISE understands ACE’s and/or trauma are the driving forces for individuals that experience, academic failure due to, truancy, high absenteeism, expulsion, dropout, violence, and disciplinary issues…….we address learning styles….

The Alternative High School Program offers a learning environment designed to help students whose life circumstances could result or have resulted in an interruption of their education or in their dropping out of school. The alternative high school population consists of students who need a flexible or extended program to accommodate their work or family requirements, or students who are returning to finish courses to earn their diploma.
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